Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Blogs Are Better Than One

My experimentation and consequent interest in etching and printmaking has continued to grow and is currently occupying much of my spare time. I'm still moving forward with my letterpress work but until I attain greater knowledge and skill as an etcher there will be a natural imbalance in the direction of my posts even though I do have several letterpress projects in the works.

The two mediums that occupy my interests have their own distinctive elements and for the most part their own adherents. I do appreciate my Followers here as well as others who find some things of interest in my posts. Because I want to share with others my experiences, trials and tribulations with both mediums I've decided to start a second blog for my etching and printmaking. This blog will continue to focus on the letterpress aspect of my work and the other on etching and printmaking. Hopefully my posts there will also prove to be of interest and value.

My new blog is called The Bitten Line and can be found here:

Please feel free to visit both!