Saturday, March 28, 2009

Charting A New Course

Some people mentioned that they might be able to help identify the cut shown in my last post but that the photo was too indistinct to make out, and it's certainly no model of the scanner's art. So since this afternoon I printed some business cards I decided to pull a proof of it. This is the largest form I've printed and it almost filled the chase. I didn't go crazy with any makeready, just adjusted the packing and used a few sheets for an underlay to get the somewhat respectable print you see below. So hopefully this new scan of an actual print will be of some help in understanding exactly what I have. I'd certainly appreciate any insight.


Maggie at Gamewell Press said...

I can't believe no on has seriously answered you yet, or have they off list? I've seen cuts like this too, and while it must have some financial purpose, it makes me thing of some twisted form of bingo or sudoku.

Rich Polinski said...

Yes, I admit I'm disappointed at the lack of responses. I would have thought some people would just guess at least which might lead to some other ideas. I'm thinking more and more that perhaps it does have some gaming connection. Not as a game in and of itself but for example, I looked into the Bingo idea and it seems that in many cases Bingo cards come in numbered sets of 500 and that there is something called a Master Sheet to keep track of them. The master sheet I saw was not like mine but, if there was some need to check off individual cards (or whatever) of a numbered set of 500 as they get used, this would be one way to do it wheher for Bingo or any other game. Oh, well. The research will continue. Though your possible financial connection makes me think too.

Nina (Tweedle Press) said...


Well I did some Googling and the only thing I really found was this:

Which is obviously a current counting chart for school children. Maybe you're right and this cut is a vintage version? Though I'm not sure why anyone would really need a chart that went all the way up to 500...

I'll see if I can find anything about games.


Rich Polinski said...

Thanks for that link. I was somewhat shooting in the dark about it being a counting sheet, never having seen one before. But perhaps I wasn't so far off after all. It will be interesting to hopefully confirm what it actually was used for.