Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cut It Out!

I have a mystery cut that I recently acquired. It was packaged well in paper and looks to be unused. The use it may have served is a mystery to me. The "border" does not look like anything that I have reference to and the text is equally mysterious. My guess is something to do with sports or fishing. Because the cut appears to have come from the manufacturer and never been opened I'm assuming the text is related to it's use, but perhaps is just a bizarre filler. It consists of Lino slugs and 2 pt leads and 6 pt slugs for spacing. It is slightly snug but not tight enough for a lockup. It would need another lead or some other means of wedging it a bit tighter. If anyone can provide some insight I would really appreciate it.

The text reads as follows:


Length 4.25

Width 3.00

Wall 0.95

lxx 2.10 in. 4

lyy 1.23 in. 4


Jason Balgopal said...

Could it be a cross-section of a mast or boom for a sailboat?

Narelle Badalassi said...

looks like a doctors stethoscope doesn't it?

Rich Polinski said...

The idea of a stethoscope crossed my mind too. But as it turns out Jason and two guys from the LETPRESS List have the correct answer: It's a mast! The two guys on the List each had a link, one showing the basic shape and the other showing the shape even more exactly and all of the specifications that appear on the inserted Lino-slugs.

An earlier reply had suggested a cross-section of a bicycle tire and that seemed correct at first since there is a Barracuda P-line of tubeless tires. And some of the numbers seemed to make sense in that context. But that turned out to be just a coincidence and the mast matched up perfectly in all aspects. Of all the odd things, eh? Who would
have thought?

Jason must do some sailing on Lake Ontario! BTW Jason, I grew up in Tonawanda, NY between Buffalo and Niagara Falls and have been to Toronto many times.

Thank you both for responding!

Jason Balgopal said...

Used to have a Catalina 30' sailboat. Many hours of sailing on Lake Ontario!