Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's About Time

My hiatus from printing and printmaking seems to be at end and I’ve recently entered an intaglio exchange in order to insure that I have a specific goal in mind to bring me fully back into the swing of things. I work full-time and, being single, must take care of the many household and other tasks myself. I found the need to focus my limited spare time on my health, specifically with regard to physical exercise. Not being interested in sports, I turned to bicycle riding knowing that this would eventually tie in with printmaking as I could ride where I could not walk or drive to get subjects for the copper plate. I now have a restored bicycle and have started regular riding. At this time of the year my riding has been greatly curtailed but the way has been paved and the journey begun so now it’s back to the stone and the press.

I have two small projects in process that will keep me focused for the foreseeable future. One of these is the result of a recent purchase, a very nice copper cut of a clock face. I need to mount it but if everything works out I may end up selling these in different colors and on different kinds of paper. The face is just the right size for popular-sized movements for all the clockmakers and horologically inclined out there. Hurry, time is short!

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